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When I had my first solo exhibition in 2021, many friends gave me bouquets of flowers. I left them in a corner of my room to be photographed and recorded, and before I knew it, the bouquets had turned into dried flowers that looked as if they were still standing and holding their memories. The shape of the flowers had changed from the fragile life of fresh flowers to a sharply defined form that captured my imagination.

Incidentally, since my first solo exhibition was a photo exhibition documenting the two years I spent in the "empty nest syndrome" that comes to parents after their children have grown up, the flowers I received on my way to recovery from depression were particularly memorable.

As I looked at them, I felt that the dried flowers were a metaphor for the accumulation of years of aging. Where does the life energy that permeates our bodies and minds from birth to old age and death come from? I felt that I was being shown the abyss of life, with its dignified beauty hidden even in its withered form. I decided to start by capturing the beauty of dried flowers in my work. That is how I began this project.

© Naomi Iida
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