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Born in Tokyo. After graduating from Nihon University College of Art with a degree in film studies, worked as a reporter for architecture-related magazines before joining a publishing company specializing in film books. Through editing film-related books, I gained experience in news gathering and photography, and handled a large volume of still photos from films. After the birth of my second child, I left the company and has since worked as a freelance editor. In March 2011, after the Great East Japan Earthquake, I began to think more about photography, and in April 2012, I began to study photography in earnest at the Phat Photo Photography School. Since then, I have completed Workshop 2B, Marc Proust's "Rising Sun" workshop, and others. After several years of blanks, in April 2018, I transferred to the Photography Course of the Department of Aesthetics at Kyoto University of Art and Design's Correspondence Course, graduating in March 2021. Currently, I am creating works focusing about situation of contemporary women.


December 2023: Group Exhibition "December Exhibition 2023" at Paper pool (Tokyo, Japan)

October 2023: Group Exhibition "Foveon" at Shibuya Le Deco (Tokyo, Japan)

May 2023: Four-person exhibition "<Kyotographie2023 KG+> Mens et manus - Hands and Heart" at Gallery 35 Kamaza (Kyoto, Japan)

February 2023: Group exhibition "ROWS 16" at JAM Photo Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)

February 2023: Group Exhibition "Family Affairs" at Paper pool (Tokyo, Japan)

December 2022: Group Exhibition "December Exhibition 2022" at Paper pool (Tokyo, Japan)

October 2022: Group Exhibition "Foveon" at Shibuya Le Deco (Tokyo, Japan)

August-September 2022: Group Exhibition "ROWS 15" JAM Photo Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)

April-May 2022: Solo exhibition at satellite event "<Kyotographie2022 KG+> KG+SELECT: in the picture" at Makura building (Kyoto, Japan)

April-May 2022: Solo exhibition "<Kyotographie2022 KG+> in the picture: side-B" at Kyoto Station Building East Square (Kyoto, Japan)

December 2021: Group Exhibition "December 2021" at Paper pool (Tokyo, Japan)

November 2022: Group Exhibition "2020 Photography Course Graduation Works Volunteers Exhibition" at Kanagawa prefectural hall gallery (Yokohama, Japan)

October 2022: Solo Exhibition "in the picture" at Nikon Salon (Tokyo, Japan)

August 2022: Group Exhibition "Imaginary City G" at Meguro Museum of Art (Tokyo, Japan)

March 2022: Group Exhibition "ROWS Exhibition 2021" at Omotesando Pictorico Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)

February 2022: Group Exhibition "Graduation Selection Exhibition" at Canon Open Gallery 2 (Tokyo, Japan)

April 2015/2016: Group Exhibition "Mt. Roko International Photography Festival Exhibition" 331 Art Chiyoda (Tokyo, Japan)

November 2015: Group Exhibition "Selection" at Tokyo arts gallery (Tokyo, Japan)

November 2015: Group Exhibition "Photographers Obscure" at Ricoh Imaging Square GINZA (Tokyo, Japan)

October 2015: Group Exhibition "Gelatin Silver TOKYO" at Bright Photo Salon (Tokyo, Japan)

November 2014: Group Exhibition "KAWABA NEW-NATURE PHOTO AWARD Exhibition" at Kawaba Village (Gunma, Japan)

October 2014: 2-person exhibition "Chaos--Twingle, Entangle, and Wave" at Bright Photo Salon (Tokyo, Japan)

April 2014: Group Exhibition "BWC Exhibition" Place M (Tokyo, Japan)

March 2014: Group Exhibition "ROWS 2" at Bright Photo Salon (Tokyo, Japan)

November 2013: Group Exhibition "Large Format Exhibition" at Crescent Moon Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)

September 2013: Group Exhibition "Madowazu/2B" at Shibuya Le Deco (Tokyo, Japan)

June 2013: Group Exhibition "Masato Terauchi Selected Best Works" at TIP Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)

March 2013: Group Exhibition "Kamishima Juku Graduation Exhibition," TIP Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)


Posted and works trial report 2009 "OLYMPUS PEN E-P1 BOOK" Motor Magazine Mook (photographer series), page 23-26, 2009.

“in the picture," B6 size, 67 pages, October 2021, etoxiuq 

“CAN YOU FIND ME?" handmade zine, A4 size, 36 pages, November 2021, etoxiuq

“New edition: in the picture," A5 size, 96 pages, April 2022, etoxiuq


“KG+ SELECT2022 Booklet," A5 size, 40 pages, April 2022, KYOTOGRAPHIE

“<PICTURE POWER> in the pictured--Beyond the sense of loss after child-rearing," Newsweek, October 25, 2022.

“Mutsu Shimpo,” page 8, April 21, 2022

“The Kitahane Shimpo,# Culture Section, April 22, 2022

“Shimane Nichinichi Shimbun,” page 7, April 28, 2022

“Jomo Shimbun,” Culture Section, April 29, 2022

"Thinking again about "International Photography Exhibition in Kyoto" at the 10th anniversary of "KYOTOGRAPHIE," Bijutsu Techo Online, April 16, 2022 (


”Deep and Far Away : My Aya Fujioka Theory," PhatPHOTO Magazine, September 17, 2021 (


2022: "in the picture" at KYOTOGRAPHIE 2022 KG+SELECT, SIGMA Prize 

2022: Finalist selection for "in the picture" at KYOTOGRAPHIE 2022 KG+SELECT

2021: Awarded Kyoto University of Art Photography Course Incentive Award for "in the picture"

2017: Participated in KYOTOGRAPHIE review, Higashikawa-cho Red Brick Photo Review, etc.

2015: Nominated for "Yokohama Onaeba Vol. 16 Reviewer Award (selected by Osamu Ikeda)"

2015: "HUNGRY ISSUE 4 in Basel (Bjane Bare / Gallery MELK)" Selected

2014, 15, 16: pre-qualified for portfolio review at Rokkosan International Photography Festival

2014, 15: Selected as finalist for "KAWABA NEW-NATURE PHOTO AWARD"

2014: Selected as an outstanding artist for the Masato Terauchi Special Course (for two consecutive terms)

2013: Awarded the Audience Prize in the Masato Terauchi Special Course.




2023年12月:グループ展「12月展2023」Paper pool(祐天寺)


   5月:4人展「<Kyotographie2023 KG+> Mens et manus〜 手と心」ギャラリー35 京都・釜座(京都市)

   2月:グループ展「ROWS 16」JAMフォトギャラリー(目黒)

   2月:グループ展「Family Affairs」Paper pool(祐天寺)

2022年12月:グループ展「12月展2022」Paper pool(祐天寺)


   8−9月:グループ展「ROWS 15」JAMフォトギャラリー(目黒)

   4―5月:サテライトイベントにおける個展「<Kyotographie2022 KG+> KG+SELECT: in the picture」(京都市)

   4−5月:個展「<Kyotographie2022 KG+> in the picture: side-B」京都駅ビル東広場(京都市)

2021年12月:グループ展「12月展2021」Paper pool(祐天寺)


   10月:個展「in the picture」ニコンサロン(新宿)


   3月:グループ展「ROWS Exhibition 2021」ピクトリコギャラリー(表参道)



2015年11月:グループ展「Selection」 Tokyo arts gallery(渋谷)

   11月:グループ展「Photographers Obscure」 Ricoh Imaging Square GINZA(銀座)

   10月:グループ展「Gelatin Silver TOKYO」ブライトフォトサロン(八丁堀) 

2014年11月:グループ展「KAWABA NEW-NATURE PHOTO AWARD展」川場村(群馬県)

   10月:2人展「Chaos--Twingle, Entangle, and Wave」ブライトフォトサロン(八丁堀)


          3月:グループ展「ROWS 2」ブライトフォトサロン(八丁堀)







『in the picture』、B6判、67ページ、2021年10月、えとしっく(完売)

『CAN YOU FIND ME?』、手作りZine、A4変型、36ページ、2021年11月、えとしっく(完売)

『新装版 in the picture』、A5変型、96ページ、2022年4月、えとしっく


『KG+ SELECT2022 Booklet』、A5版、40ページ、2022年4月、一般社団法人KYOTOGRAPHIE

「<PICTURE POWER>in the pictured――子育てを終えた喪失感を越えて」『Newsweek』2022年10月25日号












2022年:KYOTOGRAPHIE 2022 KG+SELECT ファイナリスト選出

2021年:「in the picture」で京都芸術大学写真コース奨励賞受賞。



       :「HUNGRY ISSUE 4 in Basel(Bjane Bare氏/ギャラリーMELK)」セレクト。


2014、15年:「KAWABA NEW-NATURE PHOTO AWARD」ファイナリスト選出。


© Naomi Iida
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