Naomi Iida 



Born in Tokyo . Nihon University College of Art film department after graduation, through a magazine reporter architectural relationship, I joined the publisher of professional books movie. Through the editing of the book of the film industry, I deal with a large number of still photos of the movie also experience, interviewed shooting. The retirement opportunity second childbirth, thereafter, working as a freelance editor. I got to keep the camera again to leave the growth record of the children in the child-rearing years. Start thinking about deeper than the photo as the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 2011. Studied photography in earnest at PHaT Photo photography class from April 2012, creating works to start in the sprong of 2013. Thereafter, each completed silver halide photography workshop 2B, the Japan Photographic Academy Ryo Owada’s workshop, Maec Prust's "Rising Sun 2" workshop, I took each of them. After a blank period of several years, I enrolled in the Photography Course, Department of Aesthetics, Kyoto University of Arts Correspondence Course in the spring of 2018 and graduated in March 2021. And then I am expressing myself through self-portraits about the situation women are in.



December 2021: “December Exhibition 2021, Thatness and Thereness,” paper pool, Tokyo, Japan. 
November 2021: “2020 Photography Course Graduation Works Volunteer Exhibition,” Kanagawa Prefectural Hall Gallery, Kanagawa, Japan. 
October 2021: Solo Exhibition, "in the picture," Nikon Salon, Tokyo, Japan. 
August 2021: “Imaginary City G," Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo, Japan. 
March 2021: “Ryo Ohwada Workshop, Exhibition 2021,” Pictorico Gallery, Tokyo, Japan. 
February 2021: “Selection Exhibition,” CANON GALLERY 2, Tokyo, Japan. 
November 2015: “Selection,” Tokyo arts gallery, Tokyo, Japan. 
November 2015: “Photographers Obscure,” Ricoh Imaging Square GINZA, Tokyo, Japan. 
October 2015: “Gelatin Silver TOKYO,” Bright Photo Salon, Tokyo, Japan. 
November 2014 and 2015:”KAWABA NEW=NATURE PHOTO AWARD,” Kawaba-mura, Gunma, Japan. 
April 2014 and 2015: “Mt. Rokko International Group Exhibition,” 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan. 
April 2014: Group exhibition, "BWC : Deai," Place M, Tokyo, Japan. 
October 2014: Two Persons exhibition, “Chaos, Twingle, Entangle, and Wave,” Bright Photo Salon, Tokyo, Japan. 
March 2014: Group exhibition," Owada workshop 2 graduating class exhibition: primeur," Bright Photo Salon, Tokyo, Japan. 
November 2013: Group exhibition, "large-format print exhibition," Mikaduki Gallery, Tokyo, Japan. 
September 2013: Group exhibition, "workshop 2B: Madowasu,” Le Deco, Tokyo, Japan. 
July 2013: Group exhibition, "Masato Terauchi special course winning Exhibition,” TIP Gallery, Tokyo, Japan. 
March 2013: Group exhibition, “one batch of students completed Exhibition Kamishima School,” TIP Gallery, Tokyo, Japan. 

October 2021: “in the picture,” Editorial Office Etoxiuq. Editorial Office. 
November 2021: “CAN YOU FIND ME? Extra edtion<in the picture>,” do.
Posted and works trial report 2009 "OLYMPUS PEN E-P1 BOOK" Motor Magazine Mook (photographer series) page 23-26. 


Kyotography Festival Portfolio Review preliminary review passage 2017. 
Higashikawa-tyo Akarenga Photo Festival Portfolio Reviw preliminary review passage 2017.
KAWABA NEW-NATURE PHOTO AWARD selected finalist, October 2014 and 2015. 
Mt. ROKKO lnternational Photo Festival Photo-review preliminary review passage, August 2014, 15, 16. 
Reviewer’s selected by Mr. Bjane Bare (MELK) at HUNGRY ISSUE. 4, June 2015. 
Yokohama-Onaeba Reviewer’s selected by Mr. Osamu Ikeda (BankART1929), Feb. 2015. 
Masato Terauchi special lecture excellent photographer Award: May 2014. 
Masato Terauchi special lecture audience Award: May 2013. 
February issue of "digital photo" 2008, November 2009 prize.



​2021年12月:グループ展「12月展2021 Thatness and Thereness」paper pool(祐天寺)
2021年10月:個展「in the picture」ニコンサロン(新宿)
2021年3月:グループ展「Ryo Ohwada Workshop, Exhibition 2021」ピクトリコギャラリー(表参道)
2015年11月:グループ展「Selection」 Tokyo arts gallery(渋谷)
2015年11月:グループ展「Photographers Obscure」 Ricoh Imaging Square GINZA(銀座)
2015年10月:グループ展「Gelatin Silver TOKYO」ブライトフォトサロン(八丁堀) 
2014&2015年11月:グループ展「KAWABA NEW-NATURE PHOTO AWARD展」川場村
2014年10月:2人展「カオス――Twingle, Entangle, and Wave」ブライトフォトサロン(八丁堀)

2021年『in the picture』、編集事務所えとしっく、B6判72ページ、モノクロ+パートカラー。
2021年『CAN YOU FIND ME?』、同上、A4変型36ページ、モノクロ(オリジナルプリント)+パートカラー。
2009年 「OLYMPUS PEN E-P1 BOOK」、Motor Magazine Mook (カメラマンシリーズ) 、23−26ページに試用レポートと作品を掲載。

2015年「HUNGRY ISSUE 4 in Basel(Bjane Bare氏/ギャラリーMELK)」セレクト。
2014、15年:「KAWABA NEW-NATURE PHOTO AWARD」ファイナリスト選出。
『デジタルフォト』2008年2月号、2009年11月号 入選。