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CAOS----Twingle, Entangle and Wave

© Naomi Iida

 Twine, Entangle and Wave


    This project consists of pictures of riverbeds in Tokyo. I was born and bred by the river and rivers are familiar sites for me.  I find that the sights of trees and plants tangled with one another in tall seasons are truly breathtaking. Despite the harsh environments and the waters sometimes submerging the riverbeds, they maintain their natural state as sanctuaries. 


    I feel that the sights help me recall the sensitivity that I tend to lose in daily life. The emotions that were long lost in the back of my memories resurface in those unspecified images that belong to no particular time or place. The occasional ripples on the peaceful surface of the river overlap with the movement of my unidentified emotions. These are the scenes from my childhood that I fondly remember.  










© Naomi Iida
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