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This project started out as an attempt to capture the lights and the shadows in my home while I was unable to walk due to a leg injury. However, as it progressed, the project became a path that reminded us of the relationships within our family and retraced the family history we once shared. The project also became an opportunity for my children, who were still caressed by the childhood bliss and held blind faith to unite with their parents. They could acknowledge the yet unrevealed feeling of loneliness that started to grow esoterically in their minds. Although, it is a pathway that everybody goes through as we grow up, I believe this was the first experience for my children. In other words, a family is a place that starts from a happy feeling of unity and then as we grow older, it becomes a school where acquire the knowledge on how to cope with the feeling of loneliness that comes from being with oneself.


Although we gather under the same roof as a family and respect each other, we are individuals who each have private lives of their own. I could not help but think that this is the microcosm of our human relations and the starting point that determines how we view people as we age.


I can meet you only by giving a tight hug to the pain which is there.











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