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ALIVE 〜landscapes of ours〜










The river has been my friend since I was a child.

In autumn, fields of gold spread across the land. In winter, the dried grasses tussled together to produce beautiful designs of snow and frost. The snow that fell at times was a magical sight, and then spring brought the breath of life. It taught me about the mysteries and wonders of the Earth.


In Japan, rivers in both cities and rural areas are managed with advanced technologies. Blessed with an abundance of water, rice planting has been a tradition since long ago. Protection against floods and avalanches was a chief priority. In recent years, demands for power generation, pollution control and the like have caused river management technologies to grow at an exceptional pace. In particular, the clean-flowing waters in city centers are the boon of large scale water treatment facilities.

This book series brings the history and circumstances of Japan's rivers with classical sentiment (the natural scenery of the Japanese) and "form" (high-level management systems) of modern technology represented in a combination of platinum prints and digital photographs.


We cannot help but hope that these high-level modern techniques can preserve the original and beautiful figures of these life-bringing waters.

© Naomi Iida
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